We work for you.

We shape the digital future of Germany. Our clients are public offices, authorities, ministries as well as corporations of public law which originate from the public authorities – in particular from the fields of activity:

We offer more.

We offer you everything from one source. With more than 20 years of experience in digitalization projects, we offer you services covering the entire life cycle of applications and specialized procedures:

Expertise wanted?

Thanks to our technological focus and project experience, we have a holistic view of procedures, processes, structures and operations. We use various Open Source and ORACLE technologies in the disciplines:

Ready-made Solutions & Frameworks

We develop solutions for the public sector according to professional requirements – technologically future-proof, applicable across all sectors and according to individual specifications. Our solutions are ready for use very quickly and are configured and further developed by our experts.


Digitale Zukunft

Our fuel. Digitalization.

For more than 20 years, we have been implementing digitalization projects with great dedication— as employees, as citizens – for public authorities. Whether the implementation of electronic legal transactions, cooperation in the implementation of KONSENS, the introduction of the e-Act or the developments according to the German Online Access Law — we are your digitalization partner for the public authorities.

How agile do you want it to be?

How much and how agile do you want it to be? In times of a skilled worker shortage, we rely on a transparent delivery model, working with our customers, in order to serve long-term customer relationships based on mutual and planned cooperation. The core ideas behind this are a planned training and further education of employees, the use of the possibilities of our Romanian subsidiary and the flexibility in our project structures.

virtual7 provides 30.000,- € for employees with dependent children
Special times require special measures.

These days it is not only difficult to find toilet paper in the supermarket, but for some of us it is also difficult to ensure that our children are looked after while we are at work. Many families are faced with an enormous challenge due to the closure of day-care centres and schools and are unable to balance childcare and work.



Die letzte Kerze auf dem Adventskranz ist angezündet, die meisten Weihnachtsplätzchen bereits gegessen und ein in dieser Form noch nie dagewesenes Weihnachtsfest steht vor der Tür. Auch in diesem besonderen Jahr, wünschen wir Euch eine schöne und besinnliche Zeit zu #weihnachten!

Ho ho ho!🎅
Unsere Weihnachtsfeier findet dieses Jahr coronabedingt vor den heimischen Bildschirmen statt! Geschenke für unsere Mitarbeiter wurden per Weihnachtspost nach Hause versandt. In unserer virtual7 Weihnachtswerkstatt laufen die Vorbereitungen auf Hochtouren!🎄

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Let’s learn something new together! With every Meetup we want to talk about special topics in the field of software development and digital future. We want to share our experiences and passion for technology while having the opportunity to meet like-minded people and have open discussions. There will always be time for conversation and refreshments over food and drink. Everyone is welcome!

Join our group, and you’ll always know when and where our next Meetup will take place.




Today’s web applications are characterized by their modular structure. Why state management plays an important role and how caching optimizes state management, you will learn in this article…

It works better than you think!! In these crazy times, social distance and isolation in home offices characterize our everyday life. Some were sent into short-time work, others are afraid of losing their jobs. Even if the regulations are eased…

Special times require special measures. These days, it’ s not only difficult to find toilet paper in the supermarket…

Recently I got myself into a challenging situation about reading from a large file (over 500,000 lines) at a random line and retrieving a customizable sized chunk of elements from the file. The need for…


Besides sleeping, you spend most of your life working. This is reason enough for us to think about how we can make our employees’ lives easier, not only their work. That’s why we have put together a bonus package, special benefits, regulations and subsidies for the virtual7 team that provides each employee with individual advantages. As a matter of fact, virtual7 shows enormous support and appreciation for each team member.

Our Benefits:

  • Home Office
  • Flexible Working hours
  • Paid Travel Time