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Experience with new ADF deck component

The new af:deck component is a very good looking new ADF Faces feature with a lot of possible transitions. It is possible to replace a (simple) task flow with this component, as you will see...
11. November 2015

Drag & Drop in a af:treeTable

My task was to offer a kind of folder structure in a tree table and use an easy way to connect nodes with each other. The easiest way is drag & drop because this is...
25. Juni 2015

Migration from ADF 11g to 12c (12.1.3)

During a migration from ADF 11g to 12c (12.1.3), I figured out some things you have to care of. Facelets The first thing is that pages and fragments are based on Facelets, now. The default...
28. Mai 2015

Der virtual7 Podcast!

Frei nach dem Motto: „Geht ins Ohr – bleibt im Kopf“ startet die virtual7 GmbH ihren Podcast „Expertengeflüster“.

Getrieben durch die Mission, die digitale Zukunft Deutschlands zu gestalten, werden verschiedene Themen rund um KI, Analytics, DevOps, Fachverfahrensentwicklung und natürlich auch die Unternehmensentwicklung von virtual7 behandelt.

Gelangen Sie hier zu den ersten Folgen!