As a business-wide concept, Business Intelligence (BI) is the solution for evaluating relevant information. Through using it, business processes of any kind can be optimised and costs can be reduced. Risks can be minimised and profit-generating chains can be optimised. By evaluating data derived from a range of heterogeneous system sources, business targets can be reached more efficiently due to improved operative, tactical, and strategic decisions.

Main components

  • Interactive dashboards prepare and provide graphic representations of data to users.
  • Ad-hoc interactions allow the user to access and evaluate relevant data quickly and without prior programming knowledge.
  • Prepare appealing graphics, reports, and documents from a range of data sources with ORACLE Business Intelligence Publisher

Business Intelligence – Success with virtual7

Our employees have many years of project experience and can apply this knowledge to your benefit. Based on this, ORACLE Business Intelligence Edition tools can be used by less technically skilled users to comfortably analyse data.
We will help you to apply ORACLE Business Intelligence to making well-founded business decisions, allowing you to maximise success.

Components we use:

  • ORACLE Business Intelligence Suite
  • ORACLE Big Data
  • ORACLE Data Integrator
  • ORACLE Warehouse Builder
  • PL / SQL & APEX
  • Advanced Analytics
  • ORACLE Golden Gate / CDC