As a student, you are a fixed component of our team from the very beginning. You will receive, in addition to the professional training by our experts in the various specialist divisions, the responsibility to manage your own projects and establish first contacts with members of the community.





During our onboarding process, you are not only given a warm welcome by the entire virtual7 team and introduced to the team, but also assigned a contact within our mentorship programme. This makes your personal and professional introduction to our company easier, offering you steady footing on technical and professional terrain that you still need to get acquainted to. Our induction process is tailored towards the needs of our new colleagues. Besides ensuring that our new employees feel right at home, they are also provided with all necessary professional know-how by our experts. Moreover, a close relationship is established between you and your manager during trial-period meetings and regular feedback sessions.


We quickly integrate you, our intern or student trainee, into our team of experts. You become acquainted with our work processes and are assigned your own projects to gain your first practical experiences. We place great value on offering you real responsibility quickly, to allow you to grow into one of our future experts.


As a bachelor’s or master’s candidate, who is writing his/her thesis in our company, we not only require you to connect your theoretical know-how with current topics, but also expect you to bring in your own innovative ideas. Additionally, while writing your thesis, you will collaborate with a specialist colleague from our team to work on a custom topic from one of our core areas: database, business intelligence, middleware, or cloud.


The establishment of mutual trust in the relationship with the client is paramount to us; we strive for success together with our clients while always keeping the goal in mind, starting projects only to realise the best-possible results at the end. We are a consulting company that places great value on introducing our students to customer interaction at an early stage. As such, you are not only integrated in Development & Consulting projects from the get-go, but also become acquainted with the entire development process. This ranges from the needs analysis to professional and technical conception and implementation.


However, in our other roles – such as Office Manager Assistant, Marketing Communications Manager Assistant, or IT Systems Manager Assistant – you will quickly establish indirect and direct contacts with our customers as well. Just come visit us during one of our next events and seize the opportunity to interact directly with our experienced colleagues and trainees.



Your work processes will be supported by open source and ORACLE technologies, with database, middleware, business intelligence, and cloud products. As a student, you have many opportunities to learn. During your daily activities, you will be working with various technologies and during our “Special Interest Days”, you will be brought up to speed on the newest trends and developments, while our specialist experts offer valuable tips and tricks.


We are involved in various communities, which is conductive to the professional exchange and development of ideas and solution approaches, as we share our experiences with other experts. As a virtual7 student, you can benefit from the professional know-how of our community experts and increase your own knowledge by, among other things, attending in-house lectures or reading specialised blog entries.

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Great practical relevance, small and dynamic teams, flexible work hours, action and fun, passion, transparency, appreciation, support, and great opportunities for continued employment at the company. These are staples of your work routine – no recruiting slogans, but everyday reality.
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Our strong community is based on collegiality and respect – a culture we all contribute to. As a new colleague, you can look forward to being received with open arms, and you will feel right at home quickly. Please contact us during one of our numerous events or write us a short message and join our friendly team of experts.