Daily administrative business, updates, maintenance, care, performance optimization and tuning – if you are using components of ORACLE in your system landscape, you know how much effort, time and know-how is necessary for operation, maintenance, and system care. What would it be like if you only took care of the basics and left the rest to our certified experts? We will make sure that your ORACLE systems and technologies run absolutely smoothly.

Onsite or via remote access – on-premises or as cloud solution – our team is always where you and your systems need it to be. Fast and reliable service solutions that only have one purpose: getting the best performance from your ORACLE systems. Whether it is aimed performance tuning or the entire all-round carefree service – you can put together your individual service package according to the system, ORACLE landscape and your needs.

We support you during the operation and maintenance, provide support and realize development, test and product environments that suit your needs together with you. No matter which ORACLE technology products you use, we can assist you with our experts. Our services in the area operation & support are:

virtual7-Operations & Support


Together with your administrator or those responsible, we plan and install updates, carry out migrations and take on administrative tasks, such as, for example, the administration of the database, backup/recovery or the monitoring of your servers and systems. We regularly check the infrastructure, do a health check of the individual components and report to you as customer.

We also always help with debugging and develop conceptual solution drafts in case the problems cannot be fixed ad hoc.


Beyond the support, virtual7 takes over the entire operation of your systems within the scope of the operation implementation. System care processes are planned, implemented, and regularly reported to you independently. We take over the complete monitoring of the systems, the entire administration and ensure lasting functioning. On top of this, there is proactive planning and implementing of updates and changes in close coordination with you.


Of course, a hotline is also part of the support. Since we do not have a call center, but rather certified experts, we offer direct support over the phone on workdays, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., if you have any questions or problems.


Depending on the necessary service level and the respective problem, our support not only has access to almost 80 experts, but can also carry the problem solution all the way to the manufacturer ORACLE at the escalation level. We take care of the establishment, examination, and implementation in the case of ORACLE product-related bugs or change requests.


In a long-term customer relationship, it is important to us that your employees also benefit from and feel the added value of virtual7. Within the scope of the collaboration, we ensure an increased know-how transfer, building of documentations, training & coaching and therefore sustainable knowledge building and the ability of all of your employees in all relevant support topics around ORACLE. Thereby, the goal is always the training of your employees, so that they can for the most part deal with the ORACLE technologies independently and especially efficiently.


virtual7 supports you even before systems go into operation. Within the scope of the development on the basis of ORACLE products, we support your developers. Whether you have a concrete question regarding a product or a development problem, we definitely have the suitable expert for you. That way, we not only ensure the best performance of your infrastructure, but also a smooth development that is optimized based on your infrastructure.


Today, the development cycles of applications are becoming shorter and shorter, whereas development and operation are growing closer and closer together. We know the operation and development processes in small and large organizations and help you establish and optimize your DevOps process. We not only ensure the smooth operation of the necessary development environment and tools, but increase your development efficiency through authorization of build, testing and deployments. If there are shortages, we happily provide you with our architects, consultants and developers for development services and support.