Current trends in the web technology environment, combined with the option of the cloud, create an entirely new potential for your business applications. If your ORACLE solution deserves a refresher, some processes are maybe outdated or the performance is simply no longer state-of-the-art, then you will find the right contact person for the modernisation in us. We accompany you through all phases of the modernisation process, from the analysis of the existing application to the implementation of a revised or also entirely new solution – always with the goal to design your applications and processes sustainably value-adding and future-proof. In addition, we look at your infrastructure and license situation and here there is quite often enormous saving potential.
With 80 employees virtual7 offers you certified expertise and first-class know-how over the complete range of the technology products of ORACLE and gives you an extensive overview over all possibilities. We stand for modernisation in the areas:



Your application is a bit outdated or based on outdated technologies? Have your processes changed, been streamlined, or expanded? Or would you simply like to give your application a modern and work-efficient look?
Especially in application modernisation, there are many factors that need to be taken into account for sustainable and value-adding development. We analyze existing applications, give technology recommendations on the basis of your requirements, create a technology and feasibility check, carry out various proof-of-concepts and realize the implementation and development on the basis of different technologies or ORACLE products. The modernized application runs through our quality control process until you finally put it into operation. Furthermore, we train and coach your employees so that the new solution is used correctly and can fulfill its purpose in a sustainable way.
You are unsure about the need of modernisation? We are happy to do a modernisation review with you, in order to check if and how much potential for improvement there is. Of course, you can get a second non-binding opinion from our experts.
Our longstanding experience with ORACLE products guarantees you cost and time efficiency paired with technology expertise in your modernisation projects – whether it is through proven approaches, for example for the modernisation of your ORACLE forms application, or through the independent development of sub-packages with onsite or remote teams. Whether you would like to replace forms, old web applications or a mainframe through modern web architectures or micro services, our experts assist you with all your questions.


For the modernisation of your data warehouse we offer you advice, conception, implementation, and trainings. Furthermore – and this is what makes us different from other consulting companies – quality and testing are very important to us. Together with you, we develop different testing and quality control processes for your data warehouse and carry out measures on data quality control with the goal to make your data warehouse as stable and performant as possible.
We modernize your tools, for example when it comes to transferring the ORACLE Warehouse Builder to the ORACLE Data Integrator and you would like to use the possibilities of the ODI for, for example, downstream analysis processes. However, we are not tied to ORACLE and can also link your DWH to different technologies.
Would you generally like to modernize your data warehouse? We advise you on the reorganization of your data keeping and DWH architecture. So if you would like to switch from dimensional to relational data keeping or even to “data vault”, we are your first contact partner. During the change to Big Data Warehouse or during the conception of a Data Lake, we also assist you with our expert team.


The modernisation of an infrastructure often affects different levels and reaches from simple software and version upgrades to the virtualization of existing infrastructure components or the integration into the cloud. If you would like to replace mainframe applications, modernize web-based solutions, or are looking for a cloud solution, we advise you on a future-proof and performant infrastructure. We evaluate or develop technical solution concepts and implement them together with you. During the process, we are always focused on the goal of offering you an optimal result.


In order to be able to modernize the existing licenses, you need two things in particular: experience and an established understanding of the entire ORACLE price model. We check your existing licenses in a license review and work out individual licensing optimizations, especially before or during an audit by ORACLE. There is often enormous saving potential in creative licensing of virtualized ORACLE environments, e.g. in VMware alone. A quick look at your existing licenses is definitely worth it. Ask us!