Grown structures, different systems from different technological eras, decentralized infrastructure or applications at different locations, processes, and data – the requirements for an integrated system landscape are as diverse as the potential you offer. If your integration plan is supposed to be successful and sustainable, the possibility of SOA has to be reviewed carefully, especially to think beyond it. The integration of data as well as the infrastructure is a crucial factor of a successful integration strategy. At virtual7, we do not only offer you certified know-how on the entire ORACLE technology stack, but also a full service for your integration projects – throughout the entire life cycle no less. From integration to operation, our experts cover every subarea – whether on-premises or in the cloud – we are your partner for the intelligent integration of various systems. For a process that is as efficient as possible, we work with prefabricated model architectures and patterns that are individually adjusted and project-related. Modern enterprise integration architecture offers you security for your future applications, processes, and data in several aspects:

virtual7-Enterprise Integration Architecture


By default, JCA adapters are used in an SOA solution for the exchange of data, in order to integrate the respective outside components.


The Enterprise Service Bus is a central element of the SOA solution. It enables the flow of information between different services and applications. We are specialized in ORACLE products, but IT landscapes are heterogeneous and therefore we also work in mixed environments with open source products.


In an SOA, added value is created through the combination of services. As the control center, the BPEL Process Manager creates transaction security, coordinates the workflow, and significantly speeds it up with the native JCA and XML processing. Together with the Service Bus the BPEL Process Manager represents the core of an SOA.


Security plays a very important role in our solutions. That is why we have a lot of experience in using different combinations of the three components, API gateway, access manager and web services manager, depending on the use case. If you would like to integrate external accesses, such as e.g. web services, mobile apps, etc., we also develop individual security concepts.


A high-speed cache is an absolute must for performance-intensive applications. With our expertise, we ensure a stable and performant configuration for maximum performance.


With the Enterprise Manager, you keep an eye on factors such as capacity, performance, and throughput. Based on the data throughout in the Service Bus and in the BPEL and all other components, you can find your own personal control center here. In addition, business activity monitoring allows you to professionally manage your processes on the basis of real usage data.


The ORACLE Data Integrator enables ETL/ELT processes and complex SQL editing directly in the database. Thereby, the database does not even have to be from ORACLE. For the most part, warehouses or big data links are realized with the ODI Data. It offers enormous potential to realize data-oriented process chains and therefore to operatively integrate information from data lakes into processes in the combination with a Service Bus.


We use the ORACLE Golden Gate in order to synchronize two or more databases. Golden Gate allows live synchronization of heterogeneous databases like no other product.


With the components business rules and complex event processing, processes and workflows become dynamically adaptable within a SOA. For example, defined filters are used and event-based interfaces and actions are carried out.

By using Spring, Beans and Plain Java, the realization has almost no more limits. There is a lot of potential for IoT projects and smart applications of all sorts here.


Of course, we also realize projects with cloud or hybrid solutions. Beforehand, we advise you on the advantages and disadvantages and develop the best solution for you together with you. Depending on the use case and existing infrastructure, cloud services offer an enormous cost saving potential or often the platform for detached fast implementation. We are happy to advise you – ask us!