Our high quality demands drive your further development. We plan your personal development together, pursuant to our feedback and development model. Your development is logged in your personal development plan. We offer regular training hours and a wide array of specialisation directions.


Moreover, we will also pay for select external training courses. Once a year, all colleagues meet for three days during the virtual7 conference, where trainings and workshops teach and inform them about the newest technologies and trends. We prefer combining know-how with fun. When all colleagues meet up, we plan elaborate events to celebrate our get-togethers, with a convivial exchange over a glass of beer or wine.

Individual development plan

You draft your tailored personal development plan together with your manager. The development plan is followed-up on during the annual performance review, as well as on 1–2 other occasions each year, and adjusted if necessary. The overarching development goals is divided into various sub-steps and development measures and each development step subsequently assessed. This way, we keep focus on the objective of your development plan. Our feedback and development model provides a framework and the individual development plan is designed flexibly, to provide space for topics that don’t usually fit the model, but might still help move you and us forward.

Internal advanced trainings

  • 11 topics days annually, on trending technological topics
  • Learning paths for ORACLE & open source technologies
  • Set schedule for further education

virtual7 conference

Our yearly highlight is the virtual7 conference. All employees from all locations meet up for three days to exchange ideas on technologies and projects. The event features four streams and various lectures and workshops, as well as a large party.

Feedback & development model

virtual7 stands out by the regular and trust-based exchange between you and your manager. Focus is not only placed on your current work results, but primarily on the further development of the employee as an individual and the facilitation of a mutual exchange between the giver and receiver of feedback. During our annual performance review, the employee and manager extensively discuss the previous year as well as the current state of the employee’s development and the development going forward. The feedback and development model is drafted together with the employee, as it fits your needs and expectations as well as those of the company. The model helps evaluate the path of your further development and targeted planning, with descriptions of competences and development steps.

External advanced trainings

  • Specialisations & certifications by ORACLE
  • Stimulation measures for external advanced trainings (assumption of costs + time + organisation)

Dual employment and master’s programme possible