You probably do not connect passion to work – until you get to know virtual7. Passion for us means being enthusiastic about what we do. At work and beyond.

Attractive conditions:

  • Attractive base salary
  • Bonuses/bonus model
  • Christmas and holiday pay
  • Paid overtime and travel time
  • Many more benefits and incentives

Feedback culture

Feedback is of the utmost importance at virtual7. Thus, every employee is given the opportunity to take part in feedback training sessions. During these talks, we are interested in hearing feedback regarding management and the executive board to take up improvements and put them into practice.

Flexible working times

All employees can organise their work time flexibly with regard to the project requirements. Overtime is 100% compensated.

Home office

In consideration of current project requirements, every employee has the option of working from home.

Friendly working climate

We work together to turn good ideas into perfect solutions so we can all work on the success of the entire company. All employees consider themselves equal members of a team, from interns to the CEO. Our doors are always open. We address each other informally and share our expertise at eye level. Our collaborations are honest and constructive as they are based on trust and fairness. It is our goal to generate and implement the best ideas together.

Clear-cut office team

virtual7 is small and flexible enough in order to not sink into process definitions. Professionalism with travel planning, hotel reservations and workplace equipment are of the utmost importance and our clear-cut office management supports their colleagues with their daily work during the projects.

Sports and activities

Our squash matches, for example, are well attended and held with passion. But we also arrange seasonal team sports activities after work such as beach volleyball, mountain bike tours or trips to the climbing park.
Many of these activities are brought into being by one or several employees. Organised corporate, runs such as the B2RUN in Karlsruhe, Munich or Nuremberg, are also on the sports agenda.

Comprehensive initial training

At virtual7, a new employee is already a member of the team before they have even started. After signing their contract, we provide them with comprehensive information about the company. We offer a detailed, quick start guide for every employee right away.

When work is fun, colleagues turn into friends.

Passion is fun! At work and beyond, at the roulette table in a casino, at cinema evenings, at laser tag or paintball. Legendary Christmas parties and BBQs with all employees and their families are just as unforgettable.