As a career-entry professional in Development and Consulting, you will be integrated into our team of experts from the get-go. With our mentorship programme, you are introduced to your first own projects at an easy pace, establishing contacts with customers and the community.



During our onboarding process, you are not only given a warm welcome by the entire virtual7 team and introduced to the team, but also assigned a contact within our mentorship programme. This makes your personal and professional introduction to our company easier, offering you steady footing on technical and professional terrain that you still need to get acquainted to.


Our induction process is tailored towards the needs of our new colleagues. Besides ensuring that our new employees feel right at home, they are also provided with all necessary professional know-how by our experts. Moreover, a close relationship is established between you and your manager during trial-period meetings and regular feedback sessions.


As a consulting company, we spend up to 75% of our time on-site at our customers’ companies and up to 25% off-site in one of our four branches or working remotely. For you as a developer or consultant, this means that travelling will be an important element of your day-to-day work. Through the close contact to your clients, you will be able to gather a wealth of professional experience in a short amount of time, even if you just started your career.


Generally, you will travel by train to your project. If it’s not feasible to make the round trip in one day, we will offer you a hotel or a furnished apartment. Naturally, we will cover the accommodation costs. Travelling time will be accredited as working hours that are considered in our overtime model. It is important to us that you can focus on the essentials; our office management will support you by planning and booking all your trips.

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A basic prerequisite for our collaboration with clients is a link to ORACLE. Whether they desire an integration project in heterogeneous system landscapes or a pure ORACLE solution, we offer conception, development, administration, and maintenance.


We consider ourselves a partner on equal footing with our clients. You, as a consultant, will create added value for our clients by integrating ORACLE and open-source technology into your different projects. Our sophisticated practices and excellent project management ensure our common success. The establishment of mutual trust in the relation to the client is paramount to us; we strive for success together with our clients while always keeping the goal in mind, starting projects only to realise the best-possible results at the end.



Your work processes will be supported by open-source and ORACLE technologies, with database, middleware, business intelligence, and cloud products. You will develop individual solutions, realise the integration of different systems, modernise existing applications, optimise business and IT processes, and create huge potential for our clients from existing data.


You will also ensure the optimal maintenance and operation of your selected solution. Your specialisation, know-how, and certifications will not only allow you to offer our clients the best possible consultation services, but also enable reliable and quick project implementation. Additionally, you will be the preferred expert to carry out instructions, coaching, and trainings on ORACLE and open-source products.


As a big data expert, you will accompany your clients on the way to a cost-efficient big data solution. Our motto: start smart – get big. You offer support from conception and the choice of the right system architecture to analysis and data mining. The demands and analysis requests of your clients are always the basis for the joint development of an individual software solution. As part of our expert team, you will help to meaningfully connect your clients’ systems, implement processes within these systems, and optimally provide data. Together with your colleagues, you will cover every section from integration to operation – whether on-premises or in the cloud.
Current web technology trends, combined with cloud solutions, are unearthing new potential for business applications. If a software solution requires an update, we are the right partner for our clients. As a virutal7 expert, you will accompany your clients in every stage of the modernisation process, to design applications and processes for sustainable value generation – also in future. We are specialised in the operation of mixed systems with ORACLE components. You as an expert will support your clients during the whole life cycle of ORACLE and open source products in one of the business areas database, business intelligence, middleware, or cloud.



After sleeping, you will spend most of your lifetime working. For us, this is reason enough to not only reflect on how we can make your work easier, but also your life. We put high demands and expectations on our experts, not only on their professional skills and schedule, but also on a human level. Consequently, we put together a package of bonuses, special benefits, provisions, and promotions that goes far beyond what is normally expected and provides you and your colleagues with great advantages. Naturally, our work for our clients is paramount to us, but we also would like to give something back to our colleagues – and not only fling about empty motivational phrases. As a rule, every single employee will benefit from generous support and high regard at virtual7. Maybe, in a near future, you will as well.



We are specialists. Not only, but particularly, in ORACLE technologies. And that is precisely why we are both a distinguished and certified partner. We periodically test our expertise to update our certifications and further develop our ORACLE Platinum Level Partner status. Not only virtual7 as a company will be certified, but you – as an expert in your personal area of expertise – will be certified as well.
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ORACLE WebCenter Portal
ORACLE Business Intelligence Foundation
ORACLE WebLogic Server 12c
ORACLE Enterprise Content Management
ORACLE Unified Business Process Management
ORACLE Application Grid
ORACLE Application Development Framework
ORACLE Enterprise Manager 12c
ORACLE WebLogic Server 12c
ORACLE Database
ORACLE Access Management Suite Plus 11g


We are involved in various communities, which is conductive to the professional exchange and development of ideas and solution approaches, as we share our experiences with other experts. As a career-entry professional, you are motivated to benefit from the professional know-how of our community experts and increase your own knowledge by attending lectures and workshops. Additionally, our company blog serves as a source of expertise for our virtual7 employees and colleagues in the community.

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Our strong community is based on collegiality and respect – a culture we all contribute to. As a new colleague, you can look forward to being received with open arms, and you will feel right at home quickly. Please contact us during one of our numerous events or write us a short message and join our friendly team of experts.